Grafting lessons

The photo above depicts a three-year-old graft of a papershell pecan to a native hickory sapling.  Since we have a lot of young hickory in our woods, there is considerable potential for utilizing these to speed up the production of large pecans for our table use.


Here is a sweet cherry scion grafted to the wild-like sour cherries that have reproduced so well along our drive.  The Japanese Beetles are eating the leaves of the sweet, while leaving the sour cherry leaves alone!  This graft was completed a year ago.


Here is what appears to be a successful graft of a cultivar (Freedom?) to a native crab.  Looking closely, you can see that I applied two scion twigs as side grafts, with the one on the right not surviving.  Soon I will remove the tape, plastic, and foil wrap to examine the  actual graft.

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